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Philosophy Care

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The following outlines the Philosophy of Care for our Service Users:

Privacy: The right of the Service Users to maintain privacy in their life within the home.

Dignity: Understanding the needs of the Service Users; ensuring that they are given respect and any personal support is provided in private and with sensitivity.

Independence: Facilitating a Service Users to make their own decisions regarding their activities and lifestyle within their assessed care plan and capabilities.

Choice: Encouraging Service Users to make alternative choices as part of the care they are provided and to ensure that they are enabled to take responsible risks.

Rights: Ensuring all Service Users receive their basic human and ethnic rights.

Fulfilment: Enabling Service Users to realise and maintain their own abilities and aims and supporting them to achieve this in all aspects of daily living.

Equal Opportunities: Giving all Service Users equal opportunities and not discriminating against on the grounds of ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability.